• Caged

    In 2011, RING RULERS was chosen to be the center of the MTV reality docudrama series, “Caged”.  This exciting series focused on the real lives of amateur fighters from the Shreveport, LA area as they competed in RING RULERS events.  The show premiered in 2012, running from January to March.

    “Caged” features fighters like Daniel Payne, Matt “Danger” Schnell, John Wesley Reed, and Wes Branch.  This was an incredible opportunity for amateur fighters to show the real struggles they endure to  develop their skills in mixed martial arts and advance to the professional ranks, is the first of its kind in the world.

    Travis Bible, a high school friend of RING RULERS owner Will Broyles, has had a successful track record in reality television throughout his career in Hollywood.  He and business partner Steve Harris approached Broyles with the concept of “Caged” and began soliciting the show to production companies and television networks.  After years of hard work and persistence, Travis was able to secure a production company in Joke Productions to create the show and help bring it to MTV.

    While “Caged” was more than just a show about MMA, it does have RING RULERS events shape the background of the fighters and cast who spend their time going to RING RULERS events as well as competing in them.  In the end, the show was a huge platform for at least one fight, Matt “Danger” Schnell to showcase his abilities.  He was subsequently signed by top MMA managerial firm, First Round Management, owned and operated by Malki Kawa and Ricardo Llorente.  “Danger” was also signed to the Houston based Legacy Fighting Championships for his professional debut.  Expect to see him in the coming years as he works towards his ultimate goal of joining the ranks of the Ultimate Fighting Championships (UFC).