• Caged Cast

    Matt “Danger” Schnell – Matt, originally from Rosepine, LA, moved to Shreveport with his mom, brother and sister.  He began practicing MMA around the age of 18 and quickly noticed that he had a talent in the sport.  His first exposure to RING RULERS was when he was hired to set up the cage for a show in Hot Springs, AR.  He then worked out at a local gym until he had his amateur debut in a RING RULERS event in Oklahoma.  After impressing people in his debut, he continued to fight in smaller local shows and then stepped up in competition at RING RULERS once again.  RING RULERS owner Will Broyles invited Matt to try out for an upcoming reality show, and he initially refused.  Knowing Matt’s talent level and dynamic persona, Broyles finally got “Danger” to show up and he was a hit.  He began his stint in “Caged” and has forged a very successful amateur career.


    Daniel Payne – Daniel began his MMA career after finishing high school in Minden, LA.  He and a group of friends went to a local gym in Bossier City, LA and trained for close to a year before fighting.  Once Daniel fought, he never looked back.  His instructor booked fights for him in RING RULERS and Daniel went on to successfully defeat a much larger Jason Tuberville for his first title belt.  Daniel’s favored reputation around Minden gave him a big following in his hometown and he always brings a large contingency of fans any time he fights.  This same reputation has also brought trouble, as Daniel was wrongly accused of an assault because of his MMA fighting career.  Daniel is known for his absolute wars in his bouts, and he’s been featured at the top of many fight cards.  While Daniel’s record isn’t as stellar as many amateur fighters, fans always love him because of his exciting style of fighting.


    Wes Branch – Wes is a scrappy fighter that began fighting with his friends from Minden.  After punishing lots of opponents in the ring, Wes took off a lot of time from RING RULERS.  After hearing about a possible reality show, Wes showed up with Daniel Payne to try out.  His magnetic personality, quick wit and unwillingness to hold back caused him to be an instant hit with the show’s creator.  It was then that Wes decided to return to the ring and began fighting again for RING RULERS.  Fighting helped give Wes the discipline to finish school and begin a successful oil and gas career.



    John Wesley Reed – John Wesley is a fighter that always moves forward.  While he isn’t the most polished fighter, he more than makes up for his lack of technical skills with his strong work ethic.  He got into MMA with his friends Daniel Payne and Wes Branch.  Wes and John Wesley are roommates and share lots of time together on the show “Caged”.  Reed is a fun fighter to watch, but these days he’s more occupied with his school work and his need to get his medical field career started.  Hailing from Minden, Reed also has fought numerous times in RING RULERS, and has been a title contender for many years.


    Delanie Hall
     – Delanie began his fighting career in high school at Benton High in Benton, LA.  He was an accomplished football player, and earned a state championship in wrestling.  After high school, he made the move to mixed martial arts and found early success in the RING RULERS cage.  Delanie’s huge contingency of fans always fill the auditoriums whenever he fights and he balances work and his fight career as he looks to take the step to the next level in the sport and become a professional.